Congratulations, you found my personal web site. Since you're here, chances are, you're a recruiter or prospective employer looking for my resume, work samples, or some other indication that I can actually do something useful.

The first thing you'll probalby notice is that there's not really a at the moment. I had a "real" web site for a loooong time on a cheap shared web host that finally closed down a few years ago. Since the old site was built on a very old version of the Joomla CMS, and I really didn't like Joomla anymore, I didn't see much point in moving the old site to a new host. Instead, I started working on a new version of in the Laravel PHP framework. I got most of the basic blog/CMS functionality done, but could never come up with a design I really liked before I got busy with paid work again and just never finished it. Then the next time I came back to it, a new version of Laravel was out, so instead of finishing it I upgraded it to the new version of Laravel, then got busy with another job and forgot about it again. I repeated this process from laravel 4.x through 7.x, only bothering to look at it again whenever I was looking for new work.

So here we are today. No site, no real desire to build one other than to gratuitously promote myself to some potential employer or recruiter. What can I say? As someone who has been building web sites for over 20 years, the thrill of making a really cool portfolio site has just kinda worn off. So, instead of making a new personal site, I spend most of my unpaid computer time these days learning new skills and experimenting with technologies that interest me.

Most recently I decided to try out the Quasar framework to build a sample cross-platform "todo" app using Vue.js and Google Firebase for realtime data-sync between devices. It runs as a standalone Electron desktop app on Windows, MacOS and Linux, as a native Android and iOS app, and of course an SPA in any modern browser. You can check it out here:
Quasar to-do app

You can also see a work sample of another SPA I did at my previous job here:
VueJS SPA Web App
It's an auto-body photo estimate app for mobile devices I worked on for

Other things I've been working on lately include:

I'll be posting a few more work samples as time allows, and maybe one day finishing a new version of this site.